Field Sprayer 500 Lt

  1. Field Sprayer 500 Lt in Turkey

- Fiberglass or polyethylene warehouse. - Boom work width 8 mt. - 12 mt. - 16 mt. - 16 mt. - With arm (boom) fixed or up - down crane or hydraulic fiber adjustment options are offered to our customers' tastes. - Due to the shock absorber on the boom, the drug is reflected parallel to the plant. - Our field arms are equipped with conical and fan type medication nozzle. - 2000 lt. The high-wheeled model of our pull-type machines has been specially produced to be successful in the fight against corn, cotton and wheat.

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  • Authorized Person: Ahmet Kesek
  • Product Code: FieldSprayer-005

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Field Sprayer 500 Lt in Turkey

Field Sprayer 500 Lt

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