Flail Mulcher

  1. Flail Mulcher in Turkey

Disintegrates the branches of apple orchards, citrus branches, vine root and vine shoots up to 6 cm. Flail Mulchers; DAL;PAR runs bilaterally. Branches are taken into the machine by means of the hydroengine and the machine is a restore option when the branches are jammed in the machine. The width of the machine can be increased up to 200 cm. Properties: - Tractor connection by three-point linkage system - Corrosion resistant butterfly blades- - Adjustable height of the machine thanks to its rubber tires - Automatic belt tensioning system - Rubber Tires Preventing stucking in the muddle of farmfields - Combs Ensuring further disintegration of branches.

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  • Authorized Person: fatih beler
  • Product Code: DALPAR

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Flail Mulcher in Turkey

Flail Mulcher

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