Water-soluble Granule for Flying Strings

  1. Water-soluble Granule for Flying Strings in Turkey

Water-soluble Granule for Flying Strings THIAMETHOXAM which is one of the new generation insecticides all over the world, is the last point in the struggle of adult Karasinek with its active ingredient triangle. A definite solution against the black flies with its new formula. With its safer formula than other insecticides, it can be used safely in any place. Thanks to its granular formulation, it does not make dust and dissolves easily in water. There is no need to add sugar from the outside due to the attractive hormone and sugar. Strong and long lasting effect. In the experiments, it was determined that it destroyed almost all of the population of the spleen within 1 hour in closed areas, and maintained its effect for 4-8 weeks according to the climatic conditions and application method. AGITAGARD 10 WG is the best choice for an effective and lasting solution for adult fights. It can be used by spray or painting method by mixing with water. Painting Method 100 g of AGITAGARD 10 WG are mixed until 80 ml of water can be dyed. With this mixture, a 40 m2 floor or 100 m2 wall surface can be treated. 10 x 30 cm strips are applied in 7-8 points. On damaged surfaces, the mixture can be applied to cartons or polyethylene pieces suspended from the ceiling. 6-8 weeks to continue the effect. Spray Method 2 Kg AGITAGARD 10 WG is mixed with 32 l water. This mixture is applied with 40 ml / m2 pump. The effect of this application is continued for 4-6 weeks if the sprayed area is not washed. Persistence decreases gradually if the treated area is washed.

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Water-soluble Granule for Flying Strings in Turkey

Water-soluble Granule for Flying Strings

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