Forage Analysis Device

  1. Forage Analysis Device in Turkey

SupNIR - 2700 Series Quick and easy analysis for cereals, oilseeds and pulps and feed The SupNIR - 2700 series are user training and maintenance-free devices used for quality control and feed pricing in grain, oilseeds and feed. It is not necessary to use chemicals in the analysis which lasts as short as about 10 seconds. The operation is extremely simple; the sample is discharged into the apparatus container and analyzed automatically with a single button. User-friendly RIMP software, device control, data analysis and modeling is done in a combination. It depends on dynamic (dynamic) connected libraries, thus ideal for data output and office automation. Report forms can be arranged according to customer demand. With this analysis model, the device performs precision analysis for quality control for raw materials and end products in solid, pellet, granule and powder form.

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  • Authorized Person: Arif Aydin
  • Product Code: ForageAnalysisDevice-001

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Forage Analysis Device in Turkey

Forage Analysis Device

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