Four Milking Machine Goat And Sheep

  1. Four Milking Machine Goat And Sheep in Turkey

Milking Unit 4 Milking Unit Pulsator 2 S├╝tzer Pulsator Vacuum Pump YPM85 Oil Vacuum Pump Vacuum Tank Pipe Type Vacuum Capacity 220 lt./dk. (50 kPa) Elec. Mot. 3/4 Hp 1400 d/d 220V/50 Hz Milking Capacity 80-100 Goat and Sheep Bucket Type 40 lt. Aluminium Or St. St. Dimensions (cm) W 55x110x100 Cm Weight 42 Kg. Product Code: 1530000001-4811

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  • Authorized Person: Tarımtas Export
  • Product Code: Milkin-System-01

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Four Milking Machine Goat And Sheep in Turkey

Four Milking Machine Goat And Sheep

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