1. Freezer in Turkey

High production flexibility. Special care in choosing materials, which are all top quality, to guarantee robustness, corrosion resistance, and durability. A tubular condenser that can be opened for manual and chemical cleaning. Refrigerator compressor with a built-in semi-sealed piston (if there should be a malfunction, can be opened and adjusted), which is more reliable and efficient than a sealed compressor. Automatic freezer barrel pressure adjustment. Use of a dual-piston pump (patented). All models are set-up to be connected with a C.I.P. cleaning unit with a program incorporated into the freezer controls. High-performance refrigeration system. Production of especially firm, consistent ice cream, reaching temperature levels up to -9°C. Energy saving. All products are designed to obtain maximum energy saving and the best production capacity/energy consumption ratio.

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Freezer in Turkey


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