AnkaTecnica Yilmaz Series Tractor Front Loader

  1. AnkaTecnica Yilmaz Series Tractor Front Loader in Turkey

ANKATECHN─░CA YILMAZ SERIES TRACTOR FRONT LOADER APPLICATION YILMAZ Series Tractor Front Loader, 45 and 65 HP (horsepower) from New Holland, Case, T├╝mosan, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, McCormick, Landini, Fendt, Erkunt Lomborgh the Deutz - Fahr, Same, stery, Class, as Valtra field type is a series that can be attached to an agricultural tractor front loader bucket. OUR FRONT LOADER Especially livestock businesses, especially factories, construction companies, municipalities etc. to other businesses considering of the use of agricultural tractors mounted front loader is manufactured to have a different attachment design. You can find the attachment options on our website. ASSEMBLY The ideal distribution of the load on the tractor sub-chassis of the main body thanks to the special design angle and decline of any part of the connection provided by dismounting the steering angle is prevented. Attachment balancing system YILMAZ Series lift the front loader / it is designed as a fluid. CONTROL LEVER (JOYSTICK) One joystick is fully ergonomic and small size thanks to the opportunity to recognize all functions of the front loader operator to control in an easy and complete way. MOVING ATTACHMENTS HYDRAULIC VALVE Requirement to provide additional fluid movement in the attachment operation is ready to use electrohydraulic systems. QUICK ATTACHMENTS REMOVAL - INSTALLATION ADAPTER Replaced by work attachments are designed to allow quick and easy replacement as needed. SIGNS AND Pin on Cylindrical bushings are used in all joints from wear, even the bronze material is selected from the overload. All pins used in the articulated joints of steel materials, steel is produced with the coated high strength corrosion resistant feature.

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AnkaTecnica Yilmaz Series Tractor Front Loader in Turkey

AnkaTecnica Yilmaz Series Tractor Front Loader

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