Garden Pulverizer

  1. Garden Pulverizer in Turkey

Pulled and Hanged Type Models; - Fiberglass or polyethylene warehouse. - Italian Pump VDR 50 control - All components are made of corrosion resistant material. - It has the power to spray and spray high trees in the idle position of the tractor. - In addition, garden sprayers (other than agricultural areas) can be used in the disinfection of poultry and barns. Motorized Garden Sprayers; - Wheelbarrow type polyethylene warehouse - 2 HP monofeze electric or 5.5 HP petrol motor - It is suitable for use in disinfecting works with all kinds of trees, greenhouse products, orchards with adjustable angle angle spray gun.

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  • Authorized Person: Ahmet Kesek
  • Product Code: GardenPulverizer-001

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Garden Pulverizer in Turkey

Garden Pulverizer

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