Gear Pump

  1. Gear Pump in Turkey
  2. Gear Pump in Turkey

Usage areas: • Fuel Oil Service Tanks, Gas Oil, Diesel Tankers • Small-scale hot oil circulations • Pumping of semi-viscous products of industry. • Pharmaceutical, chemical and detergent industries • Food Industry Material Specifications: • Pump Body and Gear: Cast iron, cast steel, • Stainless steel AISI 304- AISI 316 cast iron • Bearings: Bearing • Sealing: Mechanical seal Working Principle: There are only two moving parts in the "gear-in-gear" principle of the Weltech gear pump. The displacement of the liquid (positive displacement) is ensured by the complete filling of the gap between the teeth of the rotor and the gear. During each cycle of the pump shaft, a certain amount of liquid enters the pump through the suction port. This liquid fills the gap between the rotor and the idler gear. The crescent in the pump cover separates the flow of fluid that moves smoothly towards the outlet. The idler gear which carries the fluid between its teeth and the inner surface of the crescent turns on a shaft supported by the pump cover. The rotor gear, which carries the liquid between its teeth, moves between the pump body and the outer surface of the crescent and is connected to the pump shaft.

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Gear Pump in Turkey

Gear Pump

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