Güneşler Seeder - Ghm14

  1. Güneşler Seeder - Ghm14 in Turkey

Total Length 2650 mm Total planting length 1750 mm Total width at Parking (Ok as folded position) 1300 mm Box Length 2050mm Total Height 135 cm Total Capacity 185 dm3 Manure capacity 220 dm3 Disc Range between planting 135 mm Weight (empty) 760 kg Digging Depth of Discs 150 mm Planting Foot Disc Feature Double bearing has been used at the discs of all models. Also wedges are made of Carbon steel. Planting Bar Height from ground: It can be adjustable Wheel size 600x16 - 650x16 & 750x16 It can be placed upon requested size.

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  • Authorized Person: Gunesler Seeder
  • Product Code: GHM14

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Güneşler Seeder - Ghm14 in Turkey

Güneşler Seeder - Ghm14

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