Grain Cleaning

  1. Grain Cleaning in Turkey

Our Drum Type Pre-Cleaning Machines; It is produced in a capacity range of 20-100 tons per hour. With the Silopro Pre-Cleaning Machine, all unwanted foreign substances (garbage, dust, straw, etc.) in all kinds of cereals (wheat, barley, corn, canola, soy, etc.) are perfectly decomposed, without the need for re-cleaning. It does not leave any waste to the environment thanks to its excellent filter as well as air lock and cyclone. Our sieves, designed according to the structure of all kinds of products, can be easily mounted on the machine. Thanks to the brushes placed on the sieves, the sieves clean itself continuously as the machine works. It does not leave dust waste to the environment with its high suction power dust collection and filter system. The Pre-Cleaning Machine designed by Silopro engineers using advanced technology will provide the cleaning you need for many years.

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Grain Cleaning in Turkey

Grain Cleaning

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