Greenhouse Covers

  1. Greenhouse Covers in Turkey
  2. Greenhouse Covers in Turkey
  3. Greenhouse Covers in Turkey
  4. Greenhouse Covers in Turkey

GREENHOUSE COVERS GREENHOUSE COVERS Greenhouses create the ideal growth environment for plants (vegetables, fruits, flowers). Greenhouses outside plants such as rain, wind and cold ?? It provides faster development of the plant with its balanced environment as it protects against the factors. This allows you to make several harvests a year. With the new generation of co-extrusion technology and suitable production prescriptions, greenhouse covers can optionally withstand up to 60 months of sunshine resistance, light and temperature control, moisture retention and non-fogging, sulfur and chlorine chemicals. can provide features such as resistance. Greenhouse cover; sun?? properties such as resistance time, thickness and other optional additives are determined depending on the intended use (flower, vegetable, fruit, classical agriculture, soilless agriculture, geothermal use, katkı) and the area to be used. According to the durability of the sun: PE Cover We produce 9, 12, 24, 36 and 60 month greenhouse covers. The properties described in the additive section are optionally added to the product during the production process. In order to provide the best benefit in the greenhouse cover, the instructions in the user manual must be observed.

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Greenhouse Covers in Turkey

Greenhouse Covers

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