Guida Intelligente

  1. Guida Intelligente in Italy
  2. Guida Intelligente in Italy

GUIDA INTELLIGENTE is an implement-carrier system that allows to connect other machinery like row crop cultivator and automatically aligns them to the row crop. In this way the operative speed can be increased and reduced stress of the driver. The dual-lens camera identifies the plants by distinguishing their green colour from that of the terrain. This enables it to calculate the centre of the row and compare it with the current position of the attachment. Should any adjustments need to be made, the unit acts accordingly via an electronically controlled hydraulic valve. The extreme precision provided by GUIDA INTELLIGENTE means that hoes can be within 3 cm of plants, thus increasing working speed and improving efficiency. This is made possible by the high reactivity of the hydraulic system in response to variations in working speeds.

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Guida Intelligente in Italy

Guida Intelligente

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