Hand Drill

  1. Hand Drill in Turkey
  2. Hand Drill in Turkey
  3. Hand Drill in Turkey
  4. Hand Drill in Turkey
  5. Hand Drill in Turkey

HAND DRILL Economic solution for seeds required to be planted on a row and vegetables... Hand drill is the planting drill in seed production and planting of small production fields. It ensures easy, fast and low cost performance of planting procedures which does not require high precision. The machine can perform planting in 25 different combinations with 5 various gears and between 2,5 cm and 100 cm seed range. Planting depth can be precisely adjusted. It is used by hand. It can be used with vegetables that require space on the row such as corn, sunflower and soy bean as well as grain planting with the change of a disk.

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  • Authorized Person: Tamer Yilmaz
  • Product Code: HandDrill-001

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Hand Drill in Turkey

Hand Drill

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