Mini Harvesting Machine (Seed Bump)

  1. Mini Harvesting Machine (Seed Bump) in Turkey
  2. Mini Harvesting Machine (Seed Bump) in Turkey
  3. Mini Harvesting Machine (Seed Bump) in Turkey
  4. Mini Harvesting Machine (Seed Bump) in Turkey

Our new product is our mini harvester; designed for more seed companies and agricultural institutes. Parcel is an extremely useful machine for trial blends. It is a very useful machine in terms of its dimensions, convenient portability and easy usage. It makes all kinds of plant and vegetable seed blends without any problems. It can be produced as gasoline-diesel engine, electric motor or shaft driven (tractor tail shaft driven). Depending on the product, the rate of grain breakage and samana product mixing is between 2% and 4%. Internal cleaning is extremely short and effortless with the basket tilted easily. It is designed with ease of use (sieve changing, speed adjustment etc.) because it blends all kinds of products.

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  • Product Code: HarvestingMachine-005

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Mini Harvesting Machine (Seed Bump) in Turkey

Mini Harvesting Machine (Seed Bump)

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