Standard Elevator Back Lock Milking System

  1. Standard Elevator Back Lock Milking System in Turkey

Technical specifications: Type: Lock-behind milking system Mounting type: Dismantled connection Elevator material: Galvanized sheet and fittings Lining Material: Hot Dip Galvanized System materials: Pre-collection group, milking equipment, vacuum pumps, regulator, AISI 304 chrome nickel milk line, PVC main vacuum and pulsator lines. Integrated Employee Milking Systems: With electronic and mechanical pulsator (standard lock behind) Behind lock with 300 liter reserve tank Back of elevator with lock lock Advantages: Milking in low number of farms in a short time and fast milking designed to be made in a way. Ensures that cows are easily milked during feeding without being transported anywhere in the barn No construction costs and no extra milking space Low investment cost It provides hygienic transfer of milk from barn to storage tank by means of chrome nickel milk line pipes. Optional Equipments: Automatic washing Mechanical milk meter Washing lift

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  • Authorized Person: Eren Inlidere
  • Product Code: SAE001

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Standard Elevator Back Lock Milking System in Turkey

Standard Elevator Back Lock Milking System

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