Higro® Foster

  1. Higro® Foster in Turkey

HIGRO®FOSTER, often called Plant Serum, is a product that’s been achieved by FERMENTATION in the reactor. HIGRO®FOSTERalso rich of, beside what is mentioned in the label, Folic acid and B1-B2-B6-B12- A-D3-C-E vitamins that are a great nutrient for flower and flowering stage. It is known that, despitesome products having a high amount of phosphorus, plants have been having some trouble regarding phosphorusabsorption as well as long effect time, yet in case of using HIGRO®FOSTER, plant needs of Phosphorus and Zinc will be guaranteed

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  • Authorized Person: Cemre YILMAZ
  • Product Code: 310510

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Higro® Foster in Turkey

Higro® Foster

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