30.000 KCAL / H Stoker Boiler

  1. 30.000 KCAL / H Stoker Boiler in Turkey

Product Code HKS-030 Boiler Thermal Power Coal (7500 Khal / kg. To) 32 kW / 30000 kcah/h Boiler Weight 285 Boiler Water Capacity 60 Ash Storage Capacity 10 Test Control Pressure 6 Working Voltage 220 Working Frequency 50 Working Pressure 2 Maximum Water Outlet Temperature 80 Fan Performance 180

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  • Authorized Person: Himak
  • Product Code: HKS-030

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30.000 KCAL / H Stoker Boiler in Turkey

30.000 KCAL / H Stoker Boiler

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