HMK 102B Alpha | Hidromek

  1. HMK 102B Alpha | Hidromek in Turkey
  2. HMK 102B Alpha | Hidromek in Turkey
  3. HMK 102B Alpha | Hidromek in Turkey

HMK 102B ALPHA Common Solution of Different Needs Your Expectations B ALPHA Series. A machine that provides the highest amount of work and excavation for every drop of fuel you put in your tank ... Comfort and high productivity in the toughest conditions ... Motivation and efficiency for the machine user in the longest ... ALPHA Series is for you. The ALPHA Series offers a range of convenient packages to suit different needs, low fuel consumption and high second-hand ... ALPHA A4 with appropriate investment cost ALPHA A5 with high operator comfort ALPHA A8 with productivity and comfort at intense and long hours * Features and Equipment may vary depending on the package. Wider More Comfortable   CABIN IN Angle Adjustable Steering Wheel Pool Mat Cleanable Pockets Cooling Cabinet (A5 and A8 packages are available.) Improved Heating and Cooling System (Available in A5 and A8 packages) Roof Shelf Ergonomic Controls and Handbrake Mp3 player Ergonomic and Aesthetic Crusher Pedal One Piece Rear Window Mechanical Driven Boom Lock FOPS and ROPS Certified Cabinet Construction Engine The turbocharged and intercooler diesel engine used in the ALPHA Series ensures high torque even at low speeds and makes the machine powerful. 6 Forward 3 Back Full Automatic Transmission The 6-speed 3-back fully automatic transmission used in the ALPHA Series automatically selects the gear selection the machine, allowing the machine to travel more quickly without being forced. Optional equipment found in the 5th and 6th gear with automatic switching into torque converter lock The amount of fuel economy is ensured. MSS (Rippled Walking System) The optional MSS (Anti-Ride System) available in the ALPHA Series provides extra comfort for the user. Through the system of the load inside the front bucket on rough terrain maximum productivity is achieved by preventing spillage. Heavy Duty Axles The ALPHA Series uses heavy-duty axles for both transport and durability. HIGH EFFICIENCY, SMART SELECTION! Load Sensitive Hydraulic Pump / Flowshare The ALPHA Series hydraulic pump, which is used as optional equipment in the excavators, provides the user with as much hydraulic power as needed, and works with up to 95% efficiency with precise control without being dependent on the load at all engine speeds. The ALPHA series of backhoe loaders offer the option of an excellent control of piping and precision trenching, with the FLOWSHARING (flow sharing) valves available as an option with a piston pump. Even at low engine speeds, it allows boom, arm and bucket movements to be carried out simultaneously, allowing you to work in areas with noise limitation (hospital, school, city center). Flow Charging Valves In order to make the hydraulic power more efficient and to prevent cavitation, extra regeneration feature is added on the boom and arm line in flow sharing valves. This allows boom and arm movements to be faster. (Pack A8.) LSD: Limited-slip differential and differential lock In the ALPHA Series, the LSD (Limited Shift Differential) on the front axle and the differential lock on the rear axle provide the best traction force on gravel, mud or icy floors with a risk of skidding. The system has extended tire change intervals and cycle times in the construction site the amount of fuel has been significantly improved. Dual LCD Display In conventional backhoe loader cabins, the operator must turn his head 90 degrees to the right or to the left to control the indicators while driving in the loader or digger position. In the ALPHA Series, the operator can control the indicators via the LCD located in the front and rear areas while in the loader or loader position. 5 years in steel construction - 7500 hours warranty We produce all HİDROMEK backhoe loaders with advanced technology and we trust them very much. This is the first in the world with the power of this trust and our respect for your business; 5 years in steel construction - 7500 hours warranty. The more challenging the terrain, the heavier the conditions; You can handle HİDROMEK machines. Because we produce HİDROMEK machines on special production machines with advanced welding technologies. We are assured of heavy loads, the loader arm, the excavator boom, the arm, the chassis, the return box and the table against breakage and cracking.

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HMK 102B Alpha | Hidromek in Turkey

HMK 102B Alpha | Hidromek

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