Horizontal Packager

  1.  Horizontal Packager in Turkey

Fast, safe and robust. Easy adjustment feature. Servo motor.Product surfaces in contact with stainless CRNI material.Electronic speed control.Fotoselli. Hot and cold cellophane processing feature. Number of Jaws: Double Package dimensions (Min): 50X20X5 mm Package dimensions (Max): 700X140X100 mm Electronic Speed ​​Control: Available Capacity (Hot Bonding): 100 Pieces / min. Capacity (Cold Bonding): 200 Pieces / min Electrical Power: 2,5 kW Main Motor: 1,5 kW - 1450 rpm Heaters: Disc 200 W - Rod 400 W Photocell Unit: Available

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  • Authorized Person: Ada Bogaziçi Makina
  • Product Code: HorizontalPackager-001

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 Horizontal Packager in Turkey

Horizontal Packager

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