irrigation boom Sepideh Model

  1. irrigation boom Sepideh Model in Iran
  2. irrigation boom Sepideh Model in Iran
  3. irrigation boom Sepideh Model in Iran
  4. irrigation boom Sepideh Model in Iran

Sepideh Irrigation boom • Single-rail Structure with a double formed moving tracks of the boom that has special characteristics for the strength and quality of the boom movement. • Cable transfer system • Water transmission system by Polyester Yarn Garden hose and spool hose motion inside the rails • Variable speed from 3 to 15 meters per minute • Tee-jet nozzles from 0.3 to 0.6 mm for treatment and irrigation • Programmable by PLC (custom made) • No tension and vibration • Uniform irrigation • Long lifespan • Simple and reliable application

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irrigation boom Sepideh Model in Iran

irrigation boom Sepideh Model

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