Jumbo G.s.r. 5 Ton Transport Trailer

  1. Jumbo G.s.r. 5 Ton Transport Trailer in Turkey

Lenght: 5940 mm Width: 2100 mm Height: 1790 mm Weight: 2940 kg Tire Size Right​: 400/60-15,5 Tire Size Left​: 400/60-15,5 Brake System: Hydraulic Conveyor Speed Adjustment:Hydraulic Launcher Finger Number: 24 PCS Backing Track Carrier:2 PCS Cower Screw: Hydraulic S.Number Of Transmisson​: 3 PCS Axle Type​: Single General Features: The GSR5 trailed manure spreader ensures a homogeneous discharge to the field.The special designed suspension system on the chassis prevents the oscillation to tractor reach. Whereby provide a more comfortable driving experience.it provides homogeneous spreading of manure to the field with thrower pallets attached on specially designed vertically placed rotor.At the same time, the custom-engineered transmission system that provides transfer, is designed to withstand high powers and to operate smoothly for many years.Transporting material to withstand high tensile forces is provided by durable special chains.

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  • Product Code: Trailer-01

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Jumbo G.s.r. 5 Ton Transport Trailer in Turkey

Jumbo G.s.r. 5 Ton Transport Trailer

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