Link-algae (diatomaceous Earth / Natural Pesticide)- Model-2

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GROWING-UP INTERNATIONAL CORP. 31, 3 Alley, 75 Lane, Tai Ping Rd., Sec. 2, Tsao Tuen, Nantou, TAIWAN. TEL: 886-49-233-7927(main line) FAX:886-49-233-7928 E-MAIL: ?Instruction Manual? Link-Algae (Diatomaceous Earth)- Model-2 (Item#GU-10802) The diatomaceous earth has a hard and sharp structure, which can cut the insect body to control the insect pests, and absorb the outer layer of wax of the worm body, so that the insects dehydrate and die. Plant probiotics culture preparation The diatomaceous earth (Link-Algae) is provided with a compound microbial probiotic to help soil decomposition and plant nutrient absorption, and to inhibit pests and diseases. ? ? ? NATURAL PESTICIDES ? ? ? Product Certification: The result of the review of this product complies with the requirements of the " Exempt Pesticide Registration Plant Protection Material Application Procedures and Review Principles" and the registration is completed. The product-related information will be published on the pesticide information service website of the Bureau ( ). Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine(BAPHIQ), Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan certified product login number: BAPHIQ Permit Certificate: Plant Protection Material Manufacturing No. 00021 (exemption of pesticide registration for plant protection materials.) (Formerly known as "Unregulated pesticides", Pesticide not included in management) Category: For pest control, for controlling bacteria. Registration ingredients: diatomaceous earth 55%, dextrin 22%, Fishmeal 7%, Syrup 14%, Milk 2%. Dilution Ratio: Diluted 500 times Product Details LinkNoPests-PLUS non-toxic and broad-spectrum plant protectant is matched with Link-Algae (diatomite). In actual use verification, in addition to controlling small insect pests such as aphids, mites, scale insects and thrips. Due to the multi-porous structure of Link-Algae, it can grip/contain LinkNoPests-PLUS (protective agent) and fungi to prolong and strengthen the effect. And Link-Algae (Diatomaceous) can react with LinkNoPests-PLUS (protective agent) to produce a protective membrane of tannic acid in the plant. The pests are not easy to suck and bite, and tannic acid is an indispensable trace element in plants. The plant absorbs directly, strengthens the hardness of epidermal cells, and protects against pests. Because the protective agent (LinkNoPests-PLUS) can provide carbon nitrogen source such as fatty acid amine salts and fats to the probiotics of antagonistic diseases so that Probiotics proliferated. The 7 times water-absorbing space of the diatomaceous earth (Link-Chitin) where can make the fungi survive in their space. For example, the fungi can use the lipase to decompose the vegetable oil and fatty acid in the protective agent LinkNoPests-PLUS) to obtain more nutrients, which can be grow and spread more, and accelerate the metabolism, also the protection of the bacteria and insects. LinkNoPests-PLUS microbe-friendly farming methods, which by the LinkNoPests-PLUS (broad spectrum, non-toxic, pest protectant), Link-Algae and Link-Chitosan three-in-one combination of LinkNoPests-PLUS friendly Golden Triangle, can achieve antibacterial insecticidal effect. Using LinkNoPests-PLUS’s friendly Golden Triangle combination to effectively control diseases and pests, probiotics can restore soil to life, increase organic matter, enhance crop antagonism Plant disease and climate change tolerance, and change farming ecosystems to restore a benign environment. Recommended collocation: LinkNoPests-PLUS (non-toxic and broad-spectrum plant protectant) + Link-Algae (diatomaceous earth) + Link-Chitosan (Chitosan) mixed sprayed on the foliage. Scope of protection: Most of the pests such as insects, moths, louse, butterflies, mites, spiders, etc., which are found in vegetables, fruit trees, tea trees, shrubs, flowers and green plants, can be effectively prevented. Probiotics of Link-Algae not only prevent plant diseases, but also improve the soil environment, enhance immunity, and reduce soil diseases. ? Pests: more common in vegetables, fruit trees, tea trees, potted flowers of mites, aphids, scale insects, whiteflies, red spiders, thrip and other pests. ? Diseases: Reduce the occurrence of pathogens and diseases, improve soil, and strengthen immunity. When to use It is necessary to spray in advance, and to do protection in advance, unlike the use of pests in the past. Precautions for use: ? In Tropical zone: At early morning (before sun rise) and nightfall or evening is the best time to spray. In Cold zone & Temperate zone: At before 9:00am and after 4:00pm is the best time to spray, avoid high temperature (above 35 °C), high sun spray be caused injury due to LinkNoPests-PLUS is an oily protectant. ? Spray the whole plant leaf surface, leaf back and branches evenly. ? Use diatomaceous earth or other microbial products, do not mix with have bactericidal ingredients such as fungicides, copper, and sulfur etc. Please use it separately and interval it for about 7 days. ? Do not add to tap water. ? When the white powder remains (that's the diatomaceous earth powder) after spraying, it can be improved by reducing the amount of diatomaceous earth used. ?It is recommended to use pheromones and yellow sticky sheets to catch and control non-sucking insect pests such as fruit flies and melon flies. ? Pests such as moth/butterfly, stripe flea beetle, and stinkbug can be mixed with Bacillus Thuringiensis and Beauveria Bassiana. ? It is recommended to dispense and dilution while spraying. It is used immediately. It should not be left for too long or used again every other day. ?When the spray has just been completed, suffering from the rain and it is recommended to carry out another re-spraying operation to avoid the failure of the pest protectant and the growth of pests and diseases. Combination of protective agent (LinkNoPests-PLUS) + diatomaceous earth (Link-Algae) + Chitosan (Link-Chitosan), three-in-one special effect analysis diagram Way of use ?Dilute 500 times sprayed plants or roots. ?Powder can be applied directly to the garden or potting soil. Modulation Step The following two photos let everyone compare, the left picture shows that the protective agent (LinkNoPests-PLUS) + diatomaceous earth (Link-Algae) will not have white powder residue, and the emerald green is smooth. The right picture shows the general commercial product + diatomaceous earth will have white powder residue. Narrow-area oil is a mineral oil refined from petroleum. It is of higher purity than general mineral oil. Its use is similar to that of our products. It is also used to control pests. It uses oil film to cover insect pests and causes insects to suffocate and die. If it has difference and to compare with our protective agent (LinkNoPests-PLUS) alone, our protective agent (LinkNoPests-PLUS) is made of vegetable oil. It is basically not problematic for phytotoxicity, leaf injury, etc., while narrow-area oil is mineral oil, sometimes used. It is easy to produce phytotoxicity with other products, and it is easy to cause leaf injury with changes in the weather. According to the experience of our Users, it is said that the narrow-area oil will have efficacy resistance for a while, but our protective agent has no such problem. Even our products are combined products, the effect of mixing the three products is more than the effect of narrow-area oil.

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Link-algae (diatomaceous Earth / Natural Pesticide)- Model-2  in Taiwan

Link-algae (diatomaceous Earth / Natural Pesticide)- Model-2

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