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  2. Link-chitosan (chitosan)  in Taiwan

GROWING-UP INTERNATIONAL CORP. 31, 3 Alley, 75 Lane, Tai Ping Rd., Sec. 2, Tsao Tuen, Nantou, TAIWAN. TEL: 886-49-233-7927(main line) FAX:886-49-233-7928 E-MAIL: ?Instruction Manual? Link-Chitosan (Chitosan) (Item#GU-10803) It has good film forming and moisturizing ability, prevents water loss, and makes plants rich in moisture to achieve long-lasting moisturizing effect a dose extended-release agent + a preservative for fruits and vegetables Blocking pest breeding + Soil conditioning In any bad weather conditions, special protective membranes for plant cells are given, just like face membrane, which can effectively protect the molecular structure of plants from damage. ? ? ? NATURAL PESTICIDES ? ? ? Product Certification: The result of the review of this product complies with the requirements of the " Exempt Pesticide Registration Plant Protection Material Application Procedures and Review Principles" and the registration is completed. The product-related information will be published on the pesticide information service website of the Bureau ( ). Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine(BAPHIQ), Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan certified product login number: BAPHIQ Permit Certificate: Plant Protection Material Manufacturing No. 00089 (exemption of pesticide registration for plant protection materials.) (Formerly known as "Unregulated pesticides", Pesticide not included in management) Category: For pest control, for controlling bacteria. Registration ingredients: Chitosan 5%, Trehalose 20%, Water 75% Dosage: Diluted 800~1000 time Product Details Mixing with LinkNoPests-PLUS non-toxic and broad-based plant protection agent and Link-Algae (diatomaceous earth) is like applying a Face Membrane to crops to improve crop protection and absorption, and to show the strength of crops in any climate! Link-Chitosan (chitosan) collocate with LinkNoPests-PLUS microbial friendly farming method In modern agriculture, farmers still use a large amount of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides, resulting in increasingly poor soil, poor crop resistance, widespread pests and diseases, and ecological pesticide residues. They even repeatedly more used a variety of agrochemicals to make such a vicious circle more and more gradual. Link-Chitosan (chitosan), like the LinkNoPests-PLUS microbial farming method, can help transform crops and soil into a virtuous cycle. Chitosan has been proven to be beneficial to plants in various studies at home and abroad, such as promoting the growth of roots and leaves of plants. It is resistant to disease invasion, prevention of pest reproduction, conditioning soil properties, etc. It is also non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting and safely degradable. The various benefits of chitosan are as follows: Improve resistance to disease It is resistant to bacteria, fungi and viruses. It can stimulate the synthesis and activation of chitosan and antibiotics in plant cells, induce the production of disease-resistant factors, and effectively control fungal and bacterial diseases and viruses, such as: Fusarium wilt, anthracnose, angular leaf spot, soft rot and other fungi and bacterial diseases. It has adsorption and passivation effects on plant viruses, and has good inhibition and proliferation of anti-infective effects on viruses, especially to stimulate the plant immune system, so that plants can enter the alert state and resist the invasion of pathogens at any time, especially for certain crop diseases that are currently uncontrollable by chemical pesticides, such as: Fusarium, yellow leaf disease, viral disease, etc., has a unique and obvious effect. It can combine with lignocellulosic structure to promote the formation of ethylene and bring many different disease-resisting functions. It can also strengthen the wood fiber structure and cell wall, and then match the Tannic acid membrane produced by LinkNoPests-PLUS (protective agent) and Link-Algae (diatomaceous earth) to strengthen the cell wall and structure. Can be used as a dose extended-release agent Prolonged dose effective time and reduced dosage, so combined with LinkNoPests-PLUS microbial farming method, it can extend the effect of LinkNoPests-PLUS and microbes. In addition, Link-Chitosan can form a membrane on the surface of plants. The combination of the tannic acid membrane produced by LinkNoPests-PLUS enhances the effect and prevents the invasion of harmful organisms. Can be used as a preservative for fruits and vegetables Link-Chitosan forms a membrane on the surface of the plant. This membrane has good moisturizing effect and selective Breathable effect. It is currently used in the preservation of fruits and vegetables. It has been found that the fruit aging is delayed to a certain extent, the decay is reduced, and the storage period is prolonged. Promote crop growth It has high-efficiency cell activating factor, which can replace other plant hormones to regulate plant growth, improve germination rate, emergence rate, seedling growth, promote rooting, thicken and enlarge leaf area, enhance plant photosynthesis and stress resistance, promote early maturity and improve quality and the output, with the tannic acid produced by LinkNoPests-PLUS, can promote nutrient absorption and help. Soil conditioning Chitosan oligosaccharides are rich in carbon and nitrogen, and strengthen organic nutrients. When combined with the LinkNoPests-PLUS microbial farming method, they can be decomposed and utilized by microorganisms as nutrients for crop growth, and can also change soil microorganisms and promote beneficial microbial proliferation. It inhibits some plant pathogens, effectively regulates the soil ecological structure, and prevents the occurrence of soil diseases and continuous cropping obstacles. Blocking pest breeding Link-Chitosan contains Chitosan enzyme, which can interact with the chitosan of the insect outer skin to dissolve the hard epidermis of the insect and the hard shell of the nematode, so that the worm cannot be shelled and transformed, resulting in growth disorders, shortening the life cycle, and then Use LinkNoPests-PLUS (Protective Agent) in combination with Link-Algae (diatomite) to make the insects covered with suffocation and more effective pest removal. Link-Chitosan has all of the above benefits, and when combined with the LinkNoPests-PLUS microbial farming method, it can prevent pests and diseases, increase crop immunity, and adjust soil problems. Compared with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, this combination can not only achieve in addition to the effects, there is no resistance, no pesticide residues, no toxicity, farmers can use safely, and can ensure that the environment and ecology can be transformed into a virtuous circle, so that we can continue to green. Product Features: ? The content of Glycosome is up to 8 times that of ordinary chitosan. ? Link-Chitosan is a small-molecule Glycosom structure that is easily absorbed by plants and helps to improve plant disease resistance and drought resistance. ?It has good membrane-forming properties and forms a stable water-locking membrane on the surface of plants to prevent water loss and allow plants to have moisture for long-lasting moisturization. ?In the harsh conditions of high temperature, high cold, dryness, water loss, special protective membrane formed by extracellular matrix can effectively protect the molecular structure of plants from being destroyed. ?Used in combination with LinkNoPests-PLUS (protectant) Link-Algae (diatomaceous earth) to form a three-dimensional protective membrane. Small molecule glycans enter the plant cell wall through capillary pores to form a protective membrane, and then coated with diatomaceous earth with lipid substances. A semi-breathable, hydrated biofilm is formed in vitro to reduce the invasion and damage of the pest. Recommended collocation: LinkNoPests-PLUS (non-toxic and broad-spectrum plant protectant) + Link-Algae (diatomaceous earth) + Link-Chitosan (Chitosan) mixed sprayed on the foliage. Scope of protection: Most of the pests such as insects, moths, louse, butterflies, mites, spiders, etc., which are found in vegetables, fruit trees, tea trees, shrubs, flowers and green plants, can be effectively prevented. Probiotics of Link-Algae not only prevent plant diseases, but also improve the soil environment, enhance immunity, and reduce soil diseases. ? Pests: more common in vegetables, fruit trees, tea trees, potted flowers of mites, aphids, scale insects, whiteflies, red spiders, thrips and other pests. ? Diseases (collocate with Link-Algae): Reduce the occurrence of pathogens and diseases, improve soil, and strengthen immunity. Combination of protective agent (LinkNoPests-PLUS) + diatomaceous earth (Link-Algae) + Chitosan (Link-Chitosan), three-in-one special effect analysis diagram Way of use ?Please shake evenly before use. ?Spray on the surface of foliage: the maintenance is diluted 800-1000 times (especially young leaves and seedlings). ?The soil is diluted 500 times and the orchid is diluted 2000 times. Modulation Step When to use It is necessary to spray in advance, and to do protection in advance, unlike the use of pests in the past. Precautions for use: ? In Tropical zone: At early morning (before sun rise) and nightfall or evening is the best time to spray. In Cold zone & Temperate zone: At before 9:00am and after 4:00pm is the best time to spray, avoid high temperature (above 35 °C), high sun spray be caused injury due to LinkNoPests-PLUS is an oily protectant. ? Spray the whole plant leaf surface, leaf back and branches evenly. Remark: Why Link-Chitosan (item#GU-10803) bottles swell and protrude easily? Because there are microorganisms in chitosan, it is a kind of live bacteria. Living bacteria naturally produce gas during survival, so they swell. This is normal and the product will not undergo any deterioration and does not harm crops. Pls don’t worry about of it.

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Link-chitosan (chitosan)  in Taiwan

Link-chitosan (chitosan)

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