Four Rows Maize Chopper

  1. Four Rows Maize Chopper in Turkey

he ABOLLO FOUR ROWS MAIZE CHOPPER can harvest four rows of corn thanks to a cutting and feeding drum with a working width of 3 m. The machine can be used behind the tractor. Cutter and feeder drums cut corn and feed it to the feeder unit. The feeder unit feeds the fan with splitter blades at the right angle to provide the best quality splitting. The fan with 12 cutter blades ensures that the corn breaks down to a minimum of 5 mm. There are two feeder rollers and two press rollers that allow the corn to go to the kneader. The pressing drums are positioned horizontally in front of the shredding fan, so that the corn plant's body and cobs reach the shredding fan at the right opening. The functions of the machine are controlled by the tractor cab thanks to the electrohydraulic control system. The front drums of the machine, the lift of the boiler and the adjustment of the rotation, and the warp which allow the curved corn to be lifted are easily controlled by this control system.

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

  • Authorized Person: PERVİN KASIMOĞLU
  • Product Code: MaizeChopper-003

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Four Rows Maize Chopper in Turkey

Four Rows Maize Chopper

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