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BGD (Plant Growth Regulators) Active Substance: 0.52% 1-Naphtaleneacitic Acid (NAA) + 0.51% 3-Indole Butyric Acid (IBA) Formulation Type: Wettable Powder (WP) PLANTS USED Plants are very affected by ecological and natural conditions during planting and surprise. MASSPLANT is effective in the strengthening of root and fringe systems by eliminating these problems in the rooting period of plants. MASSPLANT is used in all plants which are affected by bad weather conditions in planting and changing places of fruit ornamental plants in the surprise of all annual vegetables, bulbous plants and cut flowers. USAGE DOSE AND PERIOD Fruit Trees; 50 g / 100 l water dose in the form of water to prepare. Vegetables and Cut Flowers; 50 g / 100 l water can be given in the form of water. water If slurry is desired, 1 pack is melted into the required amount of water and the sieved soil is added to the desired consistency. The prepared slurry should be consumed within two hours at the latest. Avoid over-watering in stagnation. Apply different mixtures for different plants. MIXING CONDITION Do not mix with other crop protection medicines, plant growth regulators and burgundy slurry. ISSUES TO BE CONSIDERED WHEN USING AND STORING • Keep packages in their original packaging. • Keep away from damp areas. • Keep out of the reach of children.

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MassPlant | Plant Growth Regulators in Turkey

MassPlant | Plant Growth Regulators

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