Mastipro Mastitis Detection Device

  1. Mastipro Mastitis Detection Device in United States
  2. Mastipro Mastitis Detection Device in United States
  3. Mastipro Mastitis Detection Device in United States

MASTIPRO - MASTITIS DETECTION SYSTEM MastiPro - Mastitis Detection System is an appliance for early diagnosis, fitted on milking systems and portable milking machines. The system has been developed for diagnosing Subclinical Mastitis. Fitted on a typical milking hose, this appliance can continuously analyse milk passing through it during each milking cycle. It sends an automatic notification to the milker as soon a concern arises about early mastitis. Detect mastitis at the point of emerge with early diagnosis. It can track the udder health of your animals at all times, on your behalf. At the initial stage of the illness, it sends a notification to help the milker initiate the medical treatment in the shortest possible time. Features of MastiPro - Easy to install to parlour. Battery powered, no electrical connection required. - The battery life is designed to for three years. After three years, the battery can be easily replaced. - Diagnoses subclinical mastitis at an early stage. Instantly warns the milker. - With three different warning levels, the milker can easily understand the stage of Mastitis.

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Mastipro Mastitis Detection Device in United States

Mastipro Mastitis Detection Device

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