Mechanic Trolley (w/ Double Winch) - HBA-1V

  1. Mechanic Trolley (w/ Double Winch) - HBA-1V  in Turkey
  2. Mechanic Trolley (w/ Double Winch) - HBA-1V  in Turkey
  3. Mechanic Trolley (w/ Double Winch) - HBA-1V  in Turkey

MECHANICAL SYSTEM (DOUBLE CRANE) ANIMAL MAINTENANCE TOOL (TRAVAY) In modern cattle farms, foot diseases are one of the most common disorders that can affect animals and cause them to leave the herd. The sign of foot diseases is lameness. Due to these diseases, the number of animals whose milk and meat yield is falling and that are forced to be slaughtered is quite high. Animals with foot disease consume less feed and give less milk. In addition, pain and stress in animals also affect the fertility. In the researches, it was determined that the limping animals did not go to feed because of the pain and even if they did not feed the desired level, they could hardly stand for feed consumption. Most of the foot diseases that affect animal welfare and cause serious economic losses are caused by not making foot and nail care on time. Sezer's animal care tools (Travay) with the care of your animals can make the effective and easy way. Mechanical animal care tool; the front and back of the abdomen of the cattle are suspended by means of belts from the front and smooth medical intervention, cleaning, foot care and so on. used to do their jobs. OTHER FEATURES It has a design that can be seen in the barn. Front footrest arms made of oak wood. The neck opening mechanism can be controlled by rope. Suitable for artificial insemination with nail care of bovine animals. 2 electric hoists lift the animal so that the front and rear legs of the animal can be maintained. Locking gear and chain are available in the system. Gear system does not miss back when the animal is removed.

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Mechanic Trolley (w/ Double Winch) - HBA-1V  in Turkey

Mechanic Trolley (w/ Double Winch) - HBA-1V

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