1. Medlar in Turkey

Origin: It’s origin is shown as South-West Asia and South-East Europe in various sources; besides there is information that cultivation was done during Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire period. Some varieties of this species is naturally grown in our country. It is named as Mousmoulia in Greek. Tree Characteristics: It is semi productive. It gives fruit every year. A mature medlar tree grows up to approximately 8 meters height. Its leaves are dark green and oval. Fruit Characteristics: Its fleshy fruits surrounded by receptacles have a plum like structure. Fruits of wild trees are smaller. It has hardened seeds inside. The peel and flesh turns to dark brown when it ripens. It has a harsh taste when first harvested. It softens and becomes tasty after some time. Harvest Time: Between 25 October and 15 November. Pollinators: Self-fertile.

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Medlar in Turkey


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