MF RB F/Fixed Chamber

  1. MF RB F/Fixed Chamber in Turkey
  2. MF RB F/Fixed Chamber in Turkey
  3. MF RB F/Fixed Chamber in Turkey
  4. MF RB F/Fixed Chamber in Turkey
  5. MF RB F/Fixed Chamber in Turkey

High output and cost effective Massey Ferguson RB 1125F, 2125F and 2125FPR fixed chamber balers feature 1.5 cubic meter bale chamber with 18 Powergrip rollers and mechanical tail-gate lock ensuring consistent bale shape and density while Hydroflexcontrol, two stage protection system keeps you going faster automatically preventing up to 80% of potential blockages. An extremely reliable and high performing range of baler models tailored to your specific needs producing high density hay, silage or straw bales, while remain simple, easy to set up and adjust

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  • Authorized Person: Massey Ferguson
  • Product Code: MFRBF-001

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MF RB F/Fixed Chamber in Turkey

MF RB F/Fixed Chamber

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