Microbial Liquid Organic Fertilizers

  1. Microbial Liquid Organic Fertilizers in Turkey

Bionur is a complex organic liquid that contains macro, trace and micro elements, contains fulvic acid and contains thiobacillus bacteria and algae. It makes it very easy to reduce these elements to the smallest particle size by leaching both the elements in its content and the elements in the soil it is applied with the thiobacillus bacteria in Bionur content. In addition, fulvic acid in Bionur is a natural chelator and is also an organic nutrient. It supports this with its rich elements (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, S, Fe, B, Mo, Al, Ti, Ag, etc.) in Bionur content. Thanks to the active Sulfur and thiobacillus thiooxydan bacteria in the bionur content, the plant strengthens the immune system and provides resistance to the plant. It provides an increase in the number of flowers and flower viability with elements such as Zn, Mn, B in Bionur content. Bionur is actually a special fertilizer with folic acid and vitamin B12.

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Microbial Liquid Organic Fertilizers in Turkey

Microbial Liquid Organic Fertilizers

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