MACRO CID | Acidic Cleaning Agent

  1. MACRO CID | Acidic Cleaning Agent in Turkey

COMPONENT: Macro cid is a phosphoric acid based product with acidic detergent properties. Phosphoric acid is a complex product of the active substance, nitric acid excipients. Suitable for CIP system, foam-free, odorless and colorless solution. PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES: Macro cid is a product based on phosphoric acid, nitric acid complex. Protein stones are formulated to dissolve oxide and lime residues. Solves fat and protein residues. It is very effective in cleaning and polishing the finished aluminum and steel. PURPOSE OF: Acid cleaning of milking units Reconstitution Rate: 0.5-5% Method of Application: Milk stones are acidic cleaning agents that dissolve protein residues and lime stains caused by water. Requires rinsing. Dosage units and can be applied manually. REASONING SIDE EFFECTS: Concentrate is irritating to the skin and eyes. Prolonged contact may cause dermatitis. DRUG INTERACTIONS: It should not be used by mixing with Alkali Chlorinated compounds. It causes toxic gas output in mixture. PHARMACEUTICAL PROTECTION IN FOODS: The drug does not require residual purification time (i.k.a.s). CONTRAINDICATIONS: Not suitable for aluminum, galvanized and brass surfaces GENERAL WARNINGS:  Read the operating instructions before use.  Keep out of reach of children and away from food.  PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN BY THE APPLICANT: It must be avoided to contaminate the eyes and mucous membranes and to breathe vapors for a long time. If MACRO-CID is in contact with skin and eyes, rinse with plenty of water.  STORAGE CONDITIONS AND SHELF LIFE: Store in an unoccupied, low temperature and sunlight-free original sealed container.  Shelf life (+ 3 ° - + 30 °) is also 2 years away from UV rays.  COMMERCIAL PRESENTATION: Available in hard plastic containers made of polyethylene from 15-20-30 kg.  SALE PLACE AND CONDITIONS: Not sold in veterinary prescription but sold in veterinary practices and pharmacies.

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MACRO CID | Acidic Cleaning Agent in Turkey

MACRO CID | Acidic Cleaning Agent

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