Horizantal Type Milk Cooling Tank

  1. Horizantal Type Milk Cooling Tank in Turkey

Capacity 2000 lt, 3000 lt, 4000 lt, 5000 lt, 6000 lt, 8000 lt, 10000 lt, 12000 lt, 15000 lt Construction Completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel 1st walla base is 2mm and 0,8 mm Ep type heat transfer plate is coupled with wall Isolation wall is 1,2 mm AISI 304 quality stainless steel 1 piece special design 0,34 HP 0,34 rpm gearbox and stainless steel agitator coupled with gearbox. Agitator is designed according to milk structure protection Product Outlet DN 50 male union butterfly valve Insulation material; HCFC free water based high density polyurethane foam and isolation thickness is 65 mm. AISI 304 quality stainless steel Ø 500 mm manhole cover and Ø 100 mm product inlet exist Manual with measuring table and calibrated for each tank Spring cover system and Ø 200 mm product inlet. Special manual scale with 3-4 ‰ sensitivity rate 1 piece stainless steel ladder Ø 90 air vent AISI 304 quan Designed to leave 0 liquid in the tank after discharge Tank body coupled on whole chassis Welding; Argon Tig welding system applied and welded areas are 1 st class smoothly polished Cooling evaporator (rollbond) is tested against 40 bar test pressure. Cooling Goup Min. gas charge ability A 404 gas cooling Cooling possibility in min. milk quantities without icing. Milking refrigeration time from 35 °C to 4 °C under 3 hours in 38 °C – 43 °C environmental temperature. Compliance test reports can be seen for each of our tanks. Tanks are manufactured in 2 A II cooling performance class if no special demands are made. Drier, sight glass, expansion valve, selenoid valve, liquid protector and valves etc. exist for each cooling compressor. Cooling compressors are coupled on chassis. Electronic Control Panel Electoronic Control system works by electronic KROMEL cards and it's coupled with stainless steel frame board. Working principle of tank, Milk Temperature, electronic measuring of milk, washing system and menus are controlled by control panel. In case of a system failure cooling process can be switched to manual and keep working. Extra electro-mechanic safety system which is adjusted to 1,5 and 2 °C exists in order to prevent freezing of milk. In case of a breakdown in the system an error message is displayed. Possibility to check of failures, washing temperatures, electrical defects, milk temperatures for the last 20 days. Compressors start up stage by stage to prevent current surge in multi-system compressors. Phase protection relay Electronic control panel has necessary outlets to connect to the internet. Thanks to special automatic agitator software; when the milk temperature reaches set value the operating range of the agitator can be adjusted. ( i.e works for 3 minutes and stops for 10 minutes) Electrical system is Protection Grade IP 65 conforming to the European standards. Automatic Washing Special design CIP ball to provide water contact to whole interior of the tank Start up the washing program with a single button (easy washing) Low detergent consumption Optional detergent dosing pump Digital Level Indicator 0- ‰ 2 measuring accuracy The amount of milk in the tank can be monitored from the control panel The amount of milk in the tank can be monitored both in mm and it parameters Option Heat Regeneration Tank Detergent Dosing Pump Information Feed System by GSM

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Horizantal Type Milk Cooling Tank in Turkey

Horizantal Type Milk Cooling Tank

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