Trailer Milk Cooling Tanks

  1. Trailer Milk Cooling Tanks in Turkey

GENERAL DATA Production from 500 Lt. to 10,000 Lt. in the desired volume. Possibility to withdraw at desired places with attractors such as tractor, van. Adjustable trailer. Body made of 304 quality stainless steel. Floor surface cooling is provided with Rolbont (Evaporator) Plate produced by laser welding. Isolation is achieved with 141 BHFC High Density Polyurethane at 50 mm Thickness. (1.4 C0 Heat Loss in 12 hours) European and American Originals Cooling Group Elements are used. A404 Cooling Gas Provides High Performance with Low Energy Requirement. Technicial Specifications Cooling Class: 2BII Power Inlet: 380 Volt. KW: Cooling Gas: A404

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Trailer Milk Cooling Tanks in Turkey

Trailer Milk Cooling Tanks

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