Lely Taurus | Renovated Lely Astronaut Milking Machine

  1. Lely Taurus | Renovated Lely Astronaut Milking Machine in Turkey

Reliable, because certified The Lely Taurus is renewed and reliable because it offers all the benefits of automatic milking with a certified milking system. Lely Astronaut is an extremely robust milking robot. It continues to show its unique quality even after many years of reliable service. For this reason, we offer renewed milking robots with the Lely Taurus label with an additional one-year complete warranty. Profitability through reliability Milking robots bearing the Lely Taurus label change hands only after a thorough inspection and updating with the latest technology. The renewed milking robot comes with the Lely T4C herd management system. The Lely Taurus milking robot is configured according to the needs and requirements of the new owner. Provides maximum profitability with low cost and reliability compared to others.

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Lely Taurus | Renovated Lely Astronaut Milking Machine in Turkey

Lely Taurus | Renovated Lely Astronaut Milking Machine

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