Double Bucket Fixed Milking Machine

  1. Double Bucket Fixed Milking Machine in Turkey

391/5000 ABOUT PRODUCT Properties: Independent Electric Motor, Pulsator, Claw, Memelik & Accessories. 1x40lt. 304 Quality Chrome Churn per hour: 2x10-12 Cow Milking Kapatsiteli Pump Flow: 250lt./min. Oil and Fiber palletized vacuum pump Motor power : 0.75 HP. - 0.55 KW. 1420 rpm (220v-50Hz) Monafaze Electric Motor Pulsator: 60/40 Pneumatic Pulsator. Switch: 16 A.V Automatic Circuit Breaker

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  • Authorized Person: Guvenal
  • Product Code: MilkingMachine-009

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Double Bucket Fixed Milking Machine in Turkey

Double Bucket Fixed Milking Machine

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