Goble Disc Harrow

  1. Goble Disc Harrow in Turkey

Eco Disc Trailed Discharrow; These are being manufactured as from 20discs until 48discs.It has more model alternatives with 18cm Disc spaces,460mm – 510mm disc diameters, plain and notched type discs.These alternatives enable to farmers for choosing the most suitable equipment for their own conditions. The disc direction angle that can be opened to 22C gets good soil working and also desired working depth. 2 pieces of land type tyres with the size 10.0/75- 15.3 are used for each machines. It is absolutely a suitable equipment for diminished soil working and minimum soil working

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  • Authorized Person: Mevlüt Bey
  • Product Code: Disc-harrow-01

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Goble Disc Harrow in Turkey

Goble Disc Harrow

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