Cow Mobile Milking Machines - Pls1

  1. Cow Mobile Milking Machines - Pls1 in Turkey

TYPE MOBILE MILKING MACHINE, TROLLEY TYPE BUCKET AMOUNT 1 VACUUM PUMP CAPACITY DRY PUMP WITH 200 LT/DK. CAPACITY BUCKET CAPACITY 30 LT. MILKING CLUSTER AMOUNT 1 MILK CLAW CAPACITY 240 CC LENGTH 100 CM. WIDTH 99 CM. HEIGHT 102 CM. WEIGHT 46 KG. IMPLS-1 PORTABLE MILKING MACHINE 200 lt./min. DRY AIR VACUUM CAPACITY AT 50 kPa (37,5 cm/Hg). 0.55 Kw, 1500 rpm, 220V 50 Hz. ELECTRICITY MOTOR. 1 Pc. SEZER PULSATOR. 1 Pc. 240 CC MILKING UNIT. 1 Pc. 30 lt. STAINLESS STEEL MILK BUCKET OPTIONAL: Bucket : Aluminium - Transparent Color : in Requested Color - Galvanized Voltage : 110V - 60Hz / 220V - 60Hz Claw : 180 CC Liner : 101, 103 ve Short Type Liner Teatcup Shell : Massive Type Teatcup Shell Pulsator : Inox Top Lid Packaging : Carton Box - Strong Wooden Box Vacuum Pump : Oil Type CODES: IMPLS-1 with Aluminium Bucket : 152 008 001 IMPLS-1 with Stainless Steel Bucket : 152 008 002 IMPLS-1 with Transparent Bucket : 152 008 003

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Contact Information for Sezer Milking Machinery

  • Authorized Person: Siraç Sezer
  • Product Code: MobileMilkingMachine-001

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Cow Mobile Milking Machines - Pls1 in Turkey

Cow Mobile Milking Machines - Pls1

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