LAKTO Mobile Milking Machine

  1. LAKTO Mobile Milking Machine in Turkey

Vacuum source: Direct coupled to electric motor, lubricated pump, 200 lt/min. vacuum pump Power: 1425 rpm, 0,55 kW, 50 Hz- 220 Volts monophasic electric motor. *For 0,75 kW motor and different voltage requirements please indicate at order. Cluster assembly: LAKTO-AK cluster Milk Bucket: Double 30 liters or single 40 liters stainless steel with transparent lid Pulsator: LAKTO-PULS electronic pulsator Frame: Steel pipe, painted.

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  • Authorized Person: Cem Sahinoglu
  • Product Code: MobileMilkingMachine-007

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LAKTO Mobile Milking Machine in Turkey

LAKTO Mobile Milking Machine

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