Taram OY 954

  1. Taram OY 954 in Turkey
  2. Taram OY 954 in Turkey

Taram OY 954 Mowing Machine is produced in accordance with the results of numerous trials and in accordance with agriculture and in the norms that the farmer can use easily. Taram OY 954 runs smoothly. If an obstacle is applied or the resistance is too large, the release device is activated. Thus, the cutting device comes back. Fingers are manufactured from special steel with hot forging. The knives and plates are made of special steel and pips.     Cutting Width 175-185 Mowing Speed (km / h) 8-10 Required Power (hp) 20 Spindle Speed 540 rpm Weight (kg) 170

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  • Authorized Person: Hayro
  • Product Code: Mower-002

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Taram OY 954 in Turkey

Taram OY 954

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