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Energy-rich and clean animal feed is the main principle of a profitable animal husbandry. Our machine, which is divided into two groups as disc and squeezed disc, does not leave uncut crops by lifting the plants lying on the ground with the effect of the air flow created by the oval type 2-blade discs in the squeezed disc clover and the mower. There is a safety mechanism in order to prevent damage that may occur during hitting hard and large objects. Our group with squeezed discs equalize the drying time of the stem and leaf by squeezing the sap in the handle with the helical type rubber squeezing system to help the cut product wither and dry quickly. It allows the crop to be lifted from the field in a shorter time and without losing the leaves of the crop by taking the sap without losing its nutritional value.

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  • Authorized Person: Mustafa Bardakçi
  • Product Code: STM-001

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Mower Machine in Turkey

Mower Machine

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