Manual Straw Machinery

  1. Manual Straw Machinery in Turkey
  2. Manual Straw Machinery in Turkey
  3. Manual Straw Machinery in Turkey

Manual Type Straw Making Machine After the reaping of grains as wheat, barley oat, rye, soy beans, corn, clover, it manual system, the stems which are leaved by combine on the field and makes them straw and puts in trailer. Total Length: 3850 mm Total Width: 1800 mm Total Height: 2500 mm Feed Hader: 1200 mm Beater Knives Number: 40 pieces Tire Size: 600 x 16 Weight: 900 kg Working Capacity: 2500 kg/hout Tractor Required Power: 20-100 hp

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  • Authorized Person: Nuri Cetinkaya
  • Product Code: NCK-06 OM

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Manual Straw Machinery in Turkey

Manual Straw Machinery

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