Ninfa Apricot

  1. Ninfa Apricot in Turkey
  2. Ninfa Apricot in Turkey

The tree is less strong, broadly structured, high in fruit yield and continuous. It grows on mixed branches and one-year branches. It is efficient. Its fruits are of medium size and round shape. The core does not depend on flesh. It does not cause cold damage down to -25, -35 ° C. Fuzzy red spots appear on yellow in the fruit peel. Fruit flesh is light yellow, medium flavor. The third week of May is harvested in the Mediterranean region. Fruit weight is on average 50 grams. Its efficiency is high and continuous. If it is grown in the Mediterranean region at altitudes of 300-400 meters at the back of the coast, it provides good income to the producers by providing continuity when other varieties are not available in the market.

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Ninfa Apricot in Turkey

Ninfa Apricot

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