Nl – Airbag System Wooden Boxes

  1. Nl – Airbag System Wooden Boxes in Poland

Characteristic Robust and proven construction Spruce wood, dried to a 15% Moisture content nailed with ring-shank nails and glued with special PVCA glue All metal parts (nails, screws, fittings) galvanized Printed black rectangle for placing notes Possibility to print your company logo on the wooden box Possibility of production in different sizes and with IPPC certification Estimated life span: 15 years and more Wooden boxes are certified to export to other continents possibility of sending dismantled crates Designation Wooden boxes for special systems with forced ventilation: Potato box, Wooden bins, Wooden boxes, Wooden Crates for potatoes, carrots, onion

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  • Authorized Person: Bartosz Pazdzior
  • Product Code: Wooden-Boxes

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Nl – Airbag System Wooden Boxes in Poland

Nl – Airbag System Wooden Boxes

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