Non-freezing Waterer

  1. Non-freezing Waterer in Turkey

Nonfreezing Waterer is essential equipment in Cattle Farming to make the level of productivity maximum and it is indispensible. To make full isolation, at natural environments, it provides the water to freze up to -35 degree, and also it prevents the water to heat up to +50 degree. Technical Specifications It provides water always at the same level as full with its special system. Inside the waterer is covered with special insulation materials. Product’s body is strong and durable for impacts. Product’s outide surface does not rely on dirt and stains and it is easy to clean. It has easy-open closing system. It has special property for animal easy to drink water. It is produced for two animal to drink at the same time. It can be used with city water or tan water. Pratically assemblied and easy to remove. It prevents water consumption.. Our Nonfreeze Waterers are %100 domestic production. Dimensions: 650 x 650 x 480 mm.

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Non-freezing Waterer in Turkey

Non-freezing Waterer

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