Single Milking Unit Cow Milking Machine-Portable

  1. Single Milking Unit Cow Milking Machine-Portable in Turkey

TECHNICAL DETAILS CHASIS Electrostatic Painting or Galvanize Covered BUCKET 1X30 Liters - Stainless Steel MODEL Standard(Vacuum Tank Type) PULSATOR 1X60/40 Pneumatic MOTOR 0.55 KW 220 V 1450 rpm PUMP 70mm Dry or Oil Type - 180-200 L/min. PALETTE TYPE/SIZE Graphite or Fibre/70X43X4,9 mm VACUUM TANK CAPACITY 18 Liters MILK CLUSTER 1X240 CC Plastic Milk Claw, 4XRubber Liners, 4XOptional Teat Cup Shell(Transparent,Plastic,Stainless Steel) DIMENSIONS (WIDTH-LENGTH-HEIGHT) 60X98X105 cm WEIGHT 55 Kg

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

  • Authorized Person: Remzi Öncel
  • Product Code: OC.1001

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Single Milking Unit Cow Milking Machine-Portable in Turkey

Single Milking Unit Cow Milking Machine-Portable

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