One Bucket One Unit Milking Machine-C001

  1. One Bucket One Unit Milking Machine-C001 in Turkey

Motor: Power: 1 HP - Cycle Phase: 1420 Monophase - Voltage: 220V Vacuum Pump: Capacity: 200lt/min - Type: dry/oil - Cast Type: GGG40 General Features: Width: 60cm - Height: 110 cm - Weight: 60kg - Length: 118cm - Number of Pulsator: 1 pcs - Pulsator Type: Pnomanic - Claw Capacity: 200cc/300cc - Bucket Capacity: 40lt - Bucket Type: Inox - Avarage Milking Time: 5 min - Capacity: 10 cow/hour

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Contact Information for Çapar Milking System

  • Authorized Person: Firat Tuncay
  • Product Code: C001

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One Bucket One Unit Milking Machine-C001 in Turkey

One Bucket One Unit Milking Machine-C001

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