Onion And Garlic Transplanter

  1. Onion And Garlic Transplanter in Turkey
  2. Onion And Garlic Transplanter in Turkey

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Number of Coulters : 5 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 Distance Between Rows : 22 cm. Working Width: 110 cm 154 cm 198 cm. Length: 148 cm. Width: 185 cm 229 cm 273 cm. Height: 153 cm. Hopper Capacity: 80 kg. 100 kg. 120 kg. Tire Size: 155/13 Weight: 480 kg. 640 kg. 800 kg

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  • Authorized Person: Demsan
  • Product Code: Transplanter

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Onion And Garlic Transplanter in Turkey

Onion And Garlic Transplanter

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