1. Oregano in Turkey

OREGANO It is a a mixture of the leaves, flowers and the tips of the buds after drying the plants, which fall into the types Oreganum, satureja, Thymus, Thymbra and Marjorana, in the appropriate way. FEATURE VALUES HUMIDITY Maximum 12% (m/m%) ESSENTIAL OIL (According to the customer demand) 1-3% (ml/100g) TOTAL ASH (dry mataerial) Maximum 14% (m/m%) COLOR-SMELL-TASTE It has to have unique color, smell and aromatic taste. Since the product is processed in the natural state the microbiological guarantee is provided only when sterilization is made according to the customer demand. It is delivered to customers who sell food and spices. It is added to food to provide taste, smell and flavor. The essential oils, which are the active substances of the product, are used in the fields of Medicine and Cosmetics. For the quality of the Product, raw materials are always purchased from reliable suppliers which are always kept under inspection. Under appropriate conditions, at temperatures below 25ÂșC and less; 55-60% RH (HUMIDITY) it has a shelf life of 2 years. According to the customer demand the it is produced as thyme, thyme powder and powdered thyme with essential oil value of 20 LB or in craft bags of 10 kg. Moreover, depending on the customer demand it is produced in smaller packages.

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Oregano in Turkey


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