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  1. Organic Fertilizer in Turkey

Continuously used the land for years on the agricultural chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals in terms of organic matter due to the poor, depending on mend and it is losing effectiveness. Weak in terms of organic matter in the top of the soil Encounters of sand, the rough at the bottom of the layers occurs. Reduced water holding capacity of soil and harder to come off and the ceiling. Number of land under irrigation increases. In addition, the microorganisms in the soil is reduced and the biological balance of soil nutrients by the plant has been received and the benefit would have been prevented. Fertile soil and natural features of the land to meet the case of missing or inadequate macro and micro plant nutrients and organic materials are essential. Chemical fertilizers as a proportion of the active substance more than filler material (lime, etc..) Involves damage to the structure of the soil over time starts. Therefore, organic fertilizer should be used, without excessive chemical fertilizer should be avoided. With our own production of organic fertilizer BioPhos fed with feed derived from the feces of healthy chickens kompostlaştırılmasıyla is produced in our facility. Due to the high temperatures created in the composting process all harmful bacteria in the manure will be destroyed. Therefore, hygienic and odorless product features. Uses: -Gardening, seedlings and arboriculture, landscape, flower pots and ornamental plant production, greenhouse and turf production -Agriculture and forestry, field crops, forests and forest nurseries, vegetable crops, fruit trees, medicinal plants, viticulture Soil has lost skills areas, mining areas of the landscape, roadside vegetation and social studies of

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Organic Fertilizer in Turkey

Organic Fertilizer

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